In today's hyper connected world we are bombarded with an ever increasing number of advertisements and content choices. How do brands large and small stand out in the midst of the noise? I believe that thoughtful, strategic branding and meaningful experiences can help corporations and independent creators stand out.
I have a passion for developing these strategies and creating event based experiences to help connect brands with their audiences.


My exuberance is complimented by years of production experience at Viacom as well as self starting projects to apply my insights and test new tactics. When it comes to events, I thrive under pressure, eager to flex my problem solving muscles to get things done...with a smile. I’m always looking for ways to create more efficient processes and love to use technology to make planning and execution easier
for everyone.
I’m always seeking opportunities to use my passion, experience and eagerness to learn and contribute to the success of events and experiential campaigns for companies, brands and agencies.